Green Bush Viper (Atheris squamigera)


Green Bush Viper (Atheris squamigera)

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Reblog if I’m actually worth talking to and you’d miss my blog if I left…please…

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Happy One Year!

Today marks the year anniversary that I joined Tumblr XD huzzah!

Coooooon. Heading to fan expo. See you all monday.


As a server, I did an experiment tonight, I was saying basically only Doctor Who quotes to my tables, some understood, others did not. These are a few of the phrases and people’s reactions:

[When greeting tables] "Oh hello! I’m The Doctor! I am here to help! Look, they gave me a badge with my…

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It was sent late yesterday. You should get it within a few weeks.

I’m never trusting you again…

….stupid 401…I’m not driving on you between 5-7 pm again..rush hour! *dies*

† Yami Bakura / Ryou Bakura - How Can I Live † (by XxBakuraxX13)

Cosplays are done! Except one thing.

Stuff is ready to go…and this is why..i get two words….nor hardly anything. Not sending it now…